Julian Breen

Julian hired me at WMGK, twice! I owe him a debt of gratitude for his direction and patience. With consultants & program directors, sales & general managers being what they are, not what I ’d call risk takers, always going with the flow, the norm, I don't believe someone like me would’ve made it past the ‘round file’.  But Julian was different, he heard something & gave me my shot. As far as I’m concerned, if it hadn’t been for Julian Breen, I’m almost sure the Philadelphia radio audience would’ve never heard of Mike Bowe.

With that in mind, I'd like to share what Tom Richards, formerly of Magic 103 and now a voice-over talent, had to share at a recent "Air Awards" in Philadelphia:

Julian Breen programmed radio the way he lived: passionately and fearlessly. 

Following success at WABC New York and KYA San Francisco, Julian was largely responsible for developing two radio formats. 

First, “Back Seat Music,” established at WPEN in 1975.  It was Julian's belief that people cherished most the music that was popular at the time that they lost their virginity.  He could never quite back it up with research, but didn’t let that stop him.

He also developed the Magic format that was launched at WMGK and cloned nationally.  “It was beautiful music for people who didn’t feel old,” Julian said. 

He was fiercely loyal to the people he put on the air...and if you had an aircheck session with him, you usually walked out feeling better than when you went in.  How many PD's do you know who can do that?  Not that he was touch-feely; Julian didn't believe in sugar-coating.  His default position was in-your-face, and many came away feeling bruised and intimidated.  But if you could pass the test, you were rewarded his special gift: his approval, encouragement, and praise.  And that was worth more than a 20-share.

We'll miss Julian Breen.